Why Is Spiritual Development Important These Days?

Several individuals live their life never really trying to develop their spirituality. It’s because of this that they often feel low and depressed, not knowing that seeking spiritual development is important for a healthy successful life. Spirituality in simple words means searching your inner self within, staying away from distractions of the modern world and focus on improving yourself spiritually and mentally both. Here, your success is not defined by the kind of car you have a house you have, but instead, it’s about improving yourself and spreading happiness.

What is the importance of spiritual development?

  • There are several other ways through which you can understand spiritual development. However, simplest understanding is the path you choose to lead yourself to maturity, improving your inner self and finding peace. This is where spiritual development plays an important role. You will understand how enlightening and amazing you can be once you successfully develop spirituality. Spiritual development will help you free yourself from stress you have and make you feel more alive.
  • Another benefit spiritual development brings is that you will soon start noticing changes radiating from within you as well. You will soon see amazing transforming effects in your health if you do develop your spirituality. Moreover, if you have any medical issues, then you will likely soon observe positive changes happening. You will soon start healing and feeling better.
  • Spiritual development can also help you incorporate natural acts of integrity and honesty and help you live a life which you always dreamt of.

How to begin the journey to spiritual development?

There are several ways you can try to continue or begin your journey to spiritual development. However, remember to try numerous kinds of these ways till the time you discover the one which you feel is most comforting for you.

Here, one great way to develop spirituality is through meditation. It is a great way to give yourself the time you need to know your inner spiritual self. Encountering your inner self is the key and should be given utmost importance. Everyone needs an alone time to clean their mind of all negativity. As such, just a simple ten minutes meditation daily can be all you need to begin your journey of spiritual development. Later, you can slowly increase the time as per your convenience and comfort. But do make sure that you focus on your breathing while meditation to help keep your mind from wandering.

Spreading happiness and love you meet will not just help you immensely but may also change the life of people as well. Thinking, listening and talking about happiness and love should never be avoided. Spending enough time around the beauty of nature is a great way to stay away from the usual hustle and bustle of life. Taking in the fresh air surrounding nature is a major aspect in your journey to spiritual development. Thus, make yourself acquainted with nature and its magic.

Hence, developing your spirituality is extremely significant for your wellbeing which in turn can help you feel amazing and know your inner self better.

What Is A Spiritual Reading and How Can Your Psychic Help?


A spiritual reading is similar to a psychic reading, but instead of examining the spiritual forces around you to offer psychic help for solving a specific problem in your life, a spiritual reading will offer you guidance on how to enhance your spirituality in general and help you to lead a better life free from many of the every day problems that plague most people.

Most psychics offer spiritual readings through cheap psychic phone readings that will directly enhance your ability to lead a richer and more fulfilling life in general.

What Is a Spiritual Reading?

Your spiritual reading will be very similar to your experience with psychic readings, with some small changes based on the purpose of a spiritual reading.

Your psychic will examine the forces that are at play in your life that are keeping you from achieving a higher level of spirituality, and offer you practical guidance on how you can overcome these obstacles to becoming a wiser, happier and more fulfilled person in general.

We all have shortcomings that are caused by our past and the spiritual forces that surround us all, but we do not need to be prisoners to these forces. Your psychic will show you why your life currently is the way that it is, and then show you how you can break free from the chains that are holding you back from a higher sense of spirituality.

Is There One Kind of Spiritual Reading?

No. Just as with psychic readings, spiritual readings can take many forms. The exact nature of your spiritual reading will depend on your individual spiritual needs and the specific form that your psychic reader’s talent takes.

Your psychic reader will ask you questions to get a better feel for the state of your life, but also to understand how you perceive your own spirituality. This way your psychic can better understand the roadblocks that are holding you back from leading a wiser and more peaceful life of spiritual fulfillment.

Your psychic reader will then offer you a range of guidance for enhancing your own spirituality. This guidance will likely have two major components: some direct and specific actions that you need to take to overcome your current shortcomings and other daily or routine practices for you to perform on a regular basis that will enhance your spirituality over time.

What Are the Benefits of Spiritual Enhancement?

An enhanced sense of spirituality in your life means that you are better able to deal with life’s problems in general by lessening their impact on you and by even avoiding them in the first place.

Most of the problems that we face in life are the result of dark forces and circumstances that we ourselves create from our past decisions and actions. By choosing to lead a more spiritual life, you are choosing to attack the ultimate source of the problems in your life directly, and replace them with a more peaceful and fulfilling life instead.

Contact your favorite psychic today to receive a spiritual reading that can set you on the path to a richer and more fulfilling life of enhanced spirituality.…

The Journey To Soi

As long as we function automatically by filling our spots one after the other, we do not leave a real place for spirituality. Spirituality appears in our lives as soon as we begin to pay attention to our dissatisfactions and aspirations, our feelings and sensations, and ask ourselves what the meaning of our life is. Why do I have to deal with annoyances? Why all these difficulties to cross? What has all I did, what is it for? What is my place in this life?

When we ask ourselves if we are in our place, we implicitly recognize that we are made to be in one place rather than another. We perceive that there is a real and authentic self in us and whether or not we are in accord with it. Moreover, if we agree, we feel in our place, we feel good. Otherwise, we seek to find that concordance that we may have been distracted by the circumstances. This ME is our Essence. It is also called SOI. This SOI is masked or hindered by another identity that we have built under the influence of our education. It’s called the personality.

Spirituality consists of recognizing the existence of our ESSENCE and allowing it to manifest and develop. We listen to her, we dialogue with her to get to know each other, and we create the conditions for her to take her real place. When this process is carried out with patience, perseverance, conviction, and confidence, it brings unexpected rewards, such as joy, freedom, and many other “magic” things.

The discovery of our Essence and spirituality resembles the exploration of an unknown country. Imagine that you live in Europe before the “discovery” of America. You know Europe, its people, its customs, but you wonder if there lands beyond the sea. Some say that there is no because it can not exist. Otherwise, everyone would know it. They mock those who believe that these lands are real and who dream to embark on discovering them. They think they are naive, crazy or pretentious. Perhaps you are one of those who ignores taunts and follows the call of the heart without worrying about what will be said? You are among those who think that the best way to have an answer to the questions is to realize for yourself, by going to see in the same way, exploration, feeling, and observation. The experiential attitude is the very process of spiritual development.

However, we can benefit from the experience of the pioneers. Nothing obliges us to set off only by rumors that can prove illusory and fanciful, or make the journey alone and without landmarks. We can prepare for this trip. We can be helped and guided in our approach by those who have honestly reported their experiences and observations. When Christopher Columbus told that he had discovered America, one would have doubted his words and thought he had invented this story himself. He brought back with him objects, books, and even Native Americans who testified to his journey. In the same way, those who wish to experience the spiritual dimension will benefit from encounters with those who have already passed the path. Some enlightened people have moved on their knowledge and written travel guides that inspired this article.

Some of us repel these stories by saying that they do not believe them. But it is not necessary to think in established truths. The experimental discovery process, spirituality is independent of any belief, religion or dogma. Just embark on discovering. And in the spiritual journey, it is possible to sail a little, stop, turn around, leave, skim a bit more.

What Is Spirituality?

The word spirituality covers very different meanings depending on the person.

For some people, spirituality refers to a system of religious beliefs and rituals. The spirituality of a Christian means respecting the dogmas and rituals of the Christian church.

Others see spirituality as a set of social customs that people have developed to find the strength to overcome the trials of life and reassure themselves. It gives meaning to their existence and offers outlets for their fear of natural powers and their fear of death. It would be an artificial and childish culture that every civilization has invented.

It is also sometimes said of someone that he is spiritual, which means that he has wit, that he amuses us.

None of these aspects will be developed here. My goal is not to carry out a general, linguistic, ethnological or sociological inquiry to be stored in the corner of the brain or on a shelf. It is to bring existing knowledge that allows us to flourish fully. In this article, spirituality is considered as another dimension of ourselves, a natural function such as eating, drinking or thinking, which we have to discover and develop, as we can build our intellect or our memory. Spirituality is a way of awakening and growth, a way of exploring our deeper and higher dimensions.

We are living in an age when humanity is evolving spiritually dramatically as we move toward the realization of its essence and purpose. It is therefore urgent that this knowledge is made available to all. This is the role that could logically be expected from public, media or religious education, but it is in vain. Fortunately, there are many books and schools of wisdom that deal with this issue, to which we can drink. Here is an introductory overview.

Relax the grip of personality

If there is a real self in us, why is it not naturally apparent and manifest? Why is not our spiritual dimension set up right away? Why do we need an effort to discover it? Because it is at this price that it can develop and gain strength, like a muscle that is trained by physical exercise and extends by confronting an antagonistic force, a resistance.

In reality, our Essence was present at our birth. But later she was covered by the personality that we built ourselves during our life. Nature is the resistance that opposes the muscle of the mind. It consists of our behaviors, habits, customs, culture, lifestyle, ideal rules of “good” behavior, etc. We developed it gradually, unconsciously, in response to the more or less painful situations and events we experienced and to the various influences we received. It is a garment that we have woven, which was necessary for us to be accepted and loved in this world. This is the character we adopted to look like what was expected of us. It’s a disguise, a mask (the word personality comes from Persona, an Etruscan word meaning theater mask). Unfortunately, most of the time, our character ignores, abandons or rejects our Essence.

We are so used to ignoring our Essence, to act and think according to our personality, that we have forgotten that it is only a momentary disguise, a theater accessory, a social garment, and we have the impression that she is ourselves. We are very attached to our personality because we think that it is thanks to it that we can be accepted and recognized. We are afraid of being rejected if we abandon it and we put a lot of effort into complying with it and feeling worthy of being loved. When we do not receive the rewards of our effort, we feel disrespected, hurt. These adverse emotional reactions are a sign of our attachment to the personality. (This theme is discussed in detail in the article The Inner Child and the Language of Emotions )

To allow our Essence to regain its place and unfold, it is necessary to loosen the grip of our personality that drives us to control our emotions and behaviors and to block our spontaneity. Relaxing the character is allowing us to be more spontaneous in our practice, in the manner of the child. The little child lives his impulses in the energy of the moment and confidence – at least as long as one does not forge a personality by repressing these tendencies.

When you react like children, as your inner being wanted, your conscience tells you: ” No, you must not, I am a great teacher, I have no right to let myself go.” Please, disorganize this extreme behavior. When you do not work at the level of your mind, you are closer to your heart. You dance. You are in jest. Drop your personality! When you are in-joke and joy, you take all things with ease as do children …Spirituality is not to call oneself a disciple of such a great master. It’s relaxing. It is honest with oneself, very clear, unambiguous, without hypocrisy.