The Journey To Soi

The Journey To Soi

As long as we function automatically by filling our spots one after the other, we do not leave a real place for spirituality. Spirituality appears in our lives as soon as we begin to pay attention to our dissatisfactions and aspirations, our feelings and sensations, and ask ourselves what the meaning of our life is. Why do I have to deal with annoyances? Why all these difficulties to cross? What has all I did, what is it for? What is my place in this life?

When we ask ourselves if we are in our place, we implicitly recognize that we are made to be in one place rather than another. We perceive that there is a real and authentic self in us and whether or not we are in accord with it. Moreover, if we agree, we feel in our place, we feel good. Otherwise, we seek to find that concordance that we may have been distracted by the circumstances. This ME is our Essence. It is also called SOI. This SOI is masked or hindered by another identity that we have built under the influence of our education. It’s called the personality.

Spirituality consists of recognizing the existence of our ESSENCE and allowing it to manifest and develop. We listen to her, we dialogue with her to get to know each other, and we create the conditions for her to take her real place. When this process is carried out with patience, perseverance, conviction, and confidence, it brings unexpected rewards, such as joy, freedom, and many other “magic” things.

The discovery of our Essence and spirituality resembles the exploration of an unknown country. Imagine that you live in Europe before the “discovery” of America. You know Europe, its people, its customs, but you wonder if there lands beyond the sea. Some say that there is no because it can not exist. Otherwise, everyone would know it. They mock those who believe that these lands are real and who dream to embark on discovering them. They think they are naive, crazy or pretentious. Perhaps you are one of those who ignores taunts and follows the call of the heart without worrying about what will be said? You are among those who think that the best way to have an answer to the questions is to realize for yourself, by going to see in the same way, exploration, feeling, and observation. The experiential attitude is the very process of spiritual development.

However, we can benefit from the experience of the pioneers. Nothing obliges us to set off only by rumors that can prove illusory and fanciful, or make the journey alone and without landmarks. We can prepare for this trip. We can be helped and guided in our approach by those who have honestly reported their experiences and observations. When Christopher Columbus told that he had discovered America, one would have doubted his words and thought he had invented this story himself. He brought back with him objects, books, and even Native Americans who testified to his journey. In the same way, those who wish to experience the spiritual dimension will benefit from encounters with those who have already passed the path. Some enlightened people have moved on their knowledge and written travel guides that inspired this article.

Some of us repel these stories by saying that they do not believe them. But it is not necessary to think in established truths. The experimental discovery process, spirituality is independent of any belief, religion or dogma. Just embark on discovering. And in the spiritual journey, it is possible to sail a little, stop, turn around, leave, skim a bit more.